Interior Demolition

Interior demolition involves the non-structural demolishing of spaces within a structure, usually in preparation for reuse and upgrading of the space. It includes interior wall and ceiling removal, demolition of flooring, possible rearrangement of utility services, salvaging of materials and selective structural demolition. Solutions include:
Interior walls
Flooring removal 
Saw cutting removal

Because the Demolition Specialties team are experts in construction, we can responsibly de-construct a site, building, interior, etc. Our interior demolition services are built upon accurate work delineated by continuously trained supervisors and foremen. We collaborate with construction trades/subcontractors to ensure the areas we prepare meet their needs and requirements to deliver the best final product to the client. We ensure daily clean-up and dust control, while working in concert with general contractors and subcontractors.

Selective Demolition

Sometimes demolishing an entire building is not the most cost-effective or ideal solution to preparing a site for construction. This is especially true when the building is structurally sound, is a historic building, is being repurposed (warehouse to lofts), or the building already meets municipal regulations and building codes or add-ons are being made. Building owners who are interested in converting a space, improving the building’s overall health or adding an extension should consider Selective Demolition solutions.

Demolition Specialties provides a complete process assessment, using carefully planned sequenced activities that separate and sort the materials within a building. This helps reduce waste, increase efficiency and reduce the project’s carbon footprint. Our process includes:

+ Information gathering and project planning, including understanding the client’s goals and surveying the location related to salvageable, hazardous and recyclable materials
+ Code review that ensures understanding and adherence to code requirements BEFORE the work begins, i.e., maximum heights, clearances, landscaping features, pedestrian safety, etc.
+ Building preparation that involves prepping for safety considerations, noise levels, lighting needs, shoring up supports, etc.
+ Actual site stripping, which involves keeping components the client wants and removing nonstructural materials
+ Material sorting to reduce waste and ensure environmentally friendly disposal
+ Leaving a shell ready for remodeling and/or renovation

Selective demolition is the ideal solution when you want to alter or improve a building without tearing it down completely. Using the most advanced demolition techniques in the industry, Demolition Specialties provides green solutions for exterior and interior projects. We approach each job with attention to detail, safety and your schedule. Get in touch with a specialist today to learn if selective demolition is the best choice for your needs.

Structural Demolition

Structural demolition is often required when a client is seeking to prepare a site for new construction. Demolition Specialties is an experienced structural demolition firm that utilizes methods based upon physics and geometry for the most effective disassembly of the property.

Our process includes comprehensive and safe procedures for tearing down buildings or specific structural components, including walls, floor systems, roofs, foundations, footing, etc. Our experienced team ensures proper shoring, bracing, engineering and structural integrity during demolition. We utilize heavy mechanical equipment handled by skilled and experienced operators to accomplish cost-effective and timely demolition. We ensure dust hazard control and public safety. Our attention to detail guarantees safety-first attention resulting in on-time deadlines and within-budget results.

We follow a process that includes information gathering and site review, code review, site preparation and the actual demolition. True on all our jobs (large or small), we sort and reclaim, recycle and/or responsibly dispose of materials removed from the demolition.

Added Technology Delivers Safer and Better Demolitions. In addition, we utilize the very smartest solutions. THE BROKK 110 is the new generation of demolition robots. It is extraordinarily versatile in tight spaces. It has phenomenal reach and power, yet folds into a compact package to climb stairs, fit in elevators or be carried on our truck/trailer.

Demolition Specialties is committed to putting the best team and tools in the field and getting the job done in the safest manner possible. It shows in the results and our work.

Additional Services

+ Concrete Removal – We handle concrete removal, as well. This includes saw cutting and coring, trenching and interior slab removal, exterior pavement and site improvement.