About Us

Founded in 2010, Demolition Specialties is composed of a team of experienced demolition, de-construction and construction specialists focused on delivering innovative and quality solutions to its clients – safely, on-time and within budget. Our abilities and experience enable us to handle any size or type of project. Plus, our hands-on, detailed processes utilizing onsite project managers ensure consistent work progress and reporting. We are proud of our innovative and technology-driven solutions like the BROKK 110 demolition robots that make even challenging or nearly impossible locations accessible.

We provide solutions in three major areas:
Structural Demolition
Selective Demolition
Interior Demolition

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Company Values

Our vision is to be the leading demolition firm in North Texas delivering a one-stop solution for our clients. Our philosophy is based upon faith, integrity and smarter work. Through the utilization of experienced people, innovative machinery and technology and proven methodologies, we endeavor daily to surpass expectations and deliver more environmentally sustainable results.
At the center of our values is a strong and abiding faith. That faith has helped us be successful and grow more than 100% a year since our inception.
We conduct our business with honesty and fairness, while keeping in mind the best interests of our customers. At Demolition Specialties, our word and handshake are the building blocks of a successful business.
Demolition Specialties’ safety philosophy is built upon the notion that everyone needs to be on the same page for a safety program to work. We have instituted new ways to look at and manage safety that continually reduce injuries and illnesses in the workplace.
We understand no one person has all the answers. We work with our clients, within the industry and among our team members, to communicate and collaborate to ensure the best solutions are used at every single project we handle. We pride ourselves in keeping open, consistent lines of communication. We are proactive in communication to prevent delays or confusion with projects.
At Demolition Specialties, we respect our team, our clients and the environment in which we operate. We focus on being a good corporate citizen in the world.
We continually research and implement processes designed to make what we do better. Our proactive approach reduces unforeseen challenges and complications, while enhancing the opportunities for positive results.
Part of our continuous improvement values focus on how technology and innovation can make us better. We not only ask the question, “why?”; but we go further asking “why not?”. It’s not just the machinery, but also innovative processes that keep us one step ahead of our competition.

What makes us different

At the center of our difference is adherence to our philosophy and core values.
However, there are several quantifiable differentiators that keep us ahead of our competition.

We never stop improving. Part of our improvement in processes was the acquisition and use of the BROKK 110 demolition robots. These robots have been a game changer for our company. They allow us to get into challenging spaces, safely and efficiently. They also help us reduce costs and increase productivity. Our superintendents are also equipped with tablets that allow them to be up to date with current drawings, daily reports, safety meetings and RFI’s, as well as other pertinent communications.
From our front office to the project manager/supervisor to the onsite working team member, we are there to ensure everything goes as planned. Estimators visit job sites to accurately bid projects, project managers spend time on the job-site to review quality of work, progress, and punch list. Office staff quickly turns around paperwork and answers questions, while the crews in the field push from start to finish, completing projects on-time, if not early.
Ask our customers. We continue to grow because of incredible customer loyalty. Nothing proves quality of work like a call back from a previous client. We have been able to ensure the quality of work is never sacrificed, and our customers recognize it.
We have partnered with ESC Safety Consultants and have become part of a Strategic Safety Partnership. This move away from the traditional enforcement methods has helped our team embrace a cooperative safety and health issues focus. This includes implementation of comprehensive safety measures including, but not limited to: Site inspections and audits done by the ESC Consultant Safety training (OSHA 10 and 30 for new employees). Improved worker safety knowledge. Accident Investigations. Job Safety Analysis. This very different approach has proven an effective tool for reducing injuries and illnesses in the workplace.
More than 90% of everything we deconstruct/demolish is recycled or reclaimed. We are not only helping the environment but are also saving our clients’ money by reducing waste cost.

Our People

We provide exceptional demolition solutions, and it’s our people who make the difference.
Our leadership has more than 100 years of combined construction experience.
Meet our management staff:

Lauren Bachert
Lauren Bachert
Hadley Ingersoll
Hadley Ingersoll
Estimator/Project Manager
Linda Proctor
Linda Proctor
Managing Principal
Tim Proctor
Tim Proctor
Director of Operations, Equipment and Safety
Todd Ingersoll
Todd Ingersoll
General Manager / PM
George Macias
George Macias